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A Venkatasubramanian

Chennai, India

Mr. A.Venkatasubramanian is the author of ‘The Real Deal’. He holds a M.S. in engineering and an M.B.A from the USA. He has several years’ experience in real estate in both India and the US, which includes 7 years in India, 4 years of which was as the Vice President of a premier and fast growing Real Estate company in India. His knowledge and depth in the subject has been laid out in this book which he hopes will leave the reader with a deep insight on how to invest in real estate.


How do you build wealth using real estate? How do you assess the real worth of your property? Why are real estate prices so high? Are the high prices justified? Is it better to ‘buy or rent’? What are the things to be aware of before you purchase real estate? What are the different approaches to valuation? The answers to all of these and more would be found in this book. A never before insight and approach to real estate investment in India, ‘The Real Deal’, is a book that enlightens the reader, enriches his/her knowledge and helps him/her view it from a totally different sensible, logical and practical approach. ...

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