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Arif ansari

Ghaus Mohiuddin Ansari was born in Lucknow, India. He was educated at Lucknow University and University of London, and later earned his Ph.D. in anthropology at University of Vienna in 1957. He served in research and teaching positions at universities in Baghdad, Libya, Kuwait, and Vienna, where he was appointed professor emeritus. He was the founding chairman of the IAUES Commission on urban anthropology. After retirement he lived in Calpe, Spain and Vienna, where he died in 2012.     Arif Ansari was born in Lucknow and grew up in Aligarh, where he attended Our Lady of Fatima SecondRead More...

A Branch of the Sapling of Sorrow

Books by Ali Amjad Translated From Urdu By Arif Ansari

Ali Amjad was once a recognized name in India’s labor movement. Because of his deep involvement with India’s freedom movement and workers’ rights movement, he was often incarcerated for long periods of time. After coming to Pakistan, he chose the field of labor law for the defense of worker’s rights. He is included among the senior lawyers of Pakistan’s supreme court, where he is well renowned. His novel Kali Mati (“Black Soil”), based on the his

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What Days They Were!

Books by Kazi Jalil Abbasi Translated From Urdu By Arif Ansari

Kazi Jalil Abbasi was born in the village of Bayara, district Basti, in Uttar Pradesh state. He attended schools in Basti, Gonda, and Unnao. He was educated at Aligarh Muslim University, Arabic College in Delhi, and Lucknow University. He was an agriculturist, freedom-fighter, lawyer, and a politician. He represented the Domariyaganj constituency of UP in the seventh and eighth Lok Sabha of the Indian Parliament. This book is an English translation of his Urdu

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Transience of Life: A Memoir Vol I

Books by Ghaus Ansari

English translation of my Ghaus Ansari's memoir Umre Rafta, vol I, of his life in Lucknow from age six through twenty-three (1935-1952), with multifaceted experiences in religion, politics, culture, literature, education and migration

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Transience of Life: A Memoir

Books by Ghaus Ansari And Translated From Urdu By Arif Ansari

Memoir of an Indian academic, recounting his life from graduate school till his retirement, in locations in the Middle East and Europe, while maintaining his Indian roots. People interested in anthropology, life of an Indian immigrant in Europe, the politics of oil and the Middle East.

It has been more or less a year since ‘Transience of Life’ volume 1 was published. It is cause for much reassurance that serious-minded Urdu readers, some ven

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