Sri Jayakumari Amma

Sri Gayathri Kovil Varalaru

Books by Sri Jayakumari Amma

The Gayathri temple is situated in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India. It has many specialties. The physical layout is in the form of lotus and also resembles SRI CHAKRA, which is a powerful yanthra. People can sit and meditate in the sixteen lotus petals, in the Mahamandabam, that are charged with sixteen Read More...

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Anubava Gynam

Books by Sri Jayakumari Amma

There's no rainfall other than where we stood. Surprising?

Is salvation only possible through a painful death? No, it is not. Salvation is peaceful.

Images of innocent kids flash on god's sculpture; the images of children who died a painful death in a school fire accident. How is it that they're here?

You don't deem fit for a married life for the power of your life rests with me.

The trees and plants in my vicinity seemed like spirits

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Vithiyodu Vilaiyaadu

Books by Sri Jayakumari Amma

Vithiyodu vilaiyaadu is nothing but a practical technique how to ' play with fate '.Normally people mourn, fate played a fatal roll in their life.The three case studies of the book explain it is not the fate but the ignorance and how to over come it by using technique.Though this book comes under self improvement category, the true case studies are quite interesting like a story book.

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Chakra Yogam

Books by Sri Jayakumari Amma

The book features 17 yantric mantras, as identified by saints, for the betterment and welfare of our lives and of those around us. The book, Chakra Yogam, enables you to know and use the mantras in your life.

First, man should align himself with cosmic energy, where a number of realms of energy co-exist in varied wavelengths. Man should recognize the wavelength that would better his life and align him to the spectrum to reap benefits.

It is a comm

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