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Sudeepa Nair

Sudeepa Nair lives with her husband and daughter in Singapore.

Dreaming of tropical locales and verdant surroundings, Sudeepa loves to romanticize the metropolitan cities that she has lived in while idolizing her native state of Kerala.

She often finds herself tempering her innate whimsical reveries with her acquired sense of business, blending these two in her favourite genres of contemporary mysteries and science fiction.

When she is not writing you would find her daydreaming by a lake in the park, fuming over a failed experiment in the kitchen, puzzling about her hubby’s philosophical musings or awestruck by her daughter’s artwork.

She has previously authored a novel and over a dozen short stories.


The Serpents of Kanakapuram

Books by Sudeepa Nair

On a professional trip, Meera Mohan finds herself stuck in the quaint little village of Kanakapuram amidst unprecedented floods in the state of Kerala. She is fascinated by the story of a haunted house, its serpent grove, and cherishes her new friendships.

Bhuvanamma, a gentle old widow who is also an excellent cook, Hussain, the caretaker at the company guest house, Unni and Rani, a young couple torn between their respective ambitions, Leena, an ethnob

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When Death Do Us Part: The Locum

By Sudeepa Nair in Sci-fi | Reads: 2,969 | Likes: 0

Her feeble hand rose in anticipation as she saw her husband walk into the room. He smiled radiantly at her. She could only manage a whimper.  “Hello dear, how are you?” She nodded. That familiar greeting was enough to brighten up her day. “Did you...did you…?” She  Read More...

Published on Jul 5,2017 12:57 PM

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