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D. Raveendranathan

Mr D. Raveendranathan, IFS, (Retd), is a post-graduate in Sociology who was selected for training in the Southern Forest Rangers’ College at Coimbatore in 1970; on completion of 2 years training in 1972, he was posted as Forest Range Officer in Tamil Nadu. Throughout his career, he has served diligently and worked in various forests and sanctuaries at different designations. These include service at the Arasu Rubber Corporation, the Grizzled Giant Squirrel Sanctuary, Kalakkadu Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Ambasamudram in the Western Ghats of Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari District and Tamil Nadu Forest Plantation Corporation at Villupuram among others. He was permitted to retire from Service on superannuation in the year 2007 February.

On his retirement, he started writing books about his thrilling experiences in protecting the Forests, Wildlife, and Environment. He has published the following books internationally through Notion Press; this is the sixth book to his credit.

1.    1.  Green Inspirational Experiences in Forest Services

2.      2.Western Ghats and the Bounteous Services Showered on the Planet

3.      3.Himalayas melting and Peninsular India Wilting

4.      4. Developments lead to Pollution and Depletion of Natural Resources

5.     5. Man- Made Catastrophic & Humongous Global Disasters

6.      6. Incontrovertible Impacts of Global Warming



Incontrovertible Impacts of Global Warming

Books by D. Raveendranathan

Our Universe is part of the Multiverse – a confluence of countless and infinite numbers of planets with innumerable galaxies unbeknownst to the majority. Earth is unique and is blessed among thousands of other planets with plant life and animals. Homo sapiens are the highest form of living beings on earth. 

There is more evidence of the impact of climate change, especially in extreme weather events, which is taking a greater toll on life.

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Man-Made Catastrophic and Humongous Global Disasters

Books by D. Raveendranathan

Global Adverse Manifestation’ has been created to the maximum extent of catastrophic and humongous disasters throughout India, and it is ‘manmade’, which is unfortunate. Similarly, all other greenhouse gas emissions are generated in excess by the floccinaucinihilipilification activities of Homo sapiens causing humongous disasters. If we conduct a detailed study, most of these disasters are also attrib

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Developments Lead to Pollution and Depletion of Natural Resources

Books by D. Raveendranathan

Global warming and climate changes are caused due to excess emission of greenhouse gases mostly from the industries and burning of fossil fuels. At present, there is a deficit of seasonal rainfalls, increase in atmospheric temperature, rising sea levels, scarcity of water for domestic and industrial purposes.

There are interstate disputes; even the Apex court finds it difficult to satisfy the agrarian community regarding the equitable distribution of wat

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Himalayas Melting and Peninsular India Wilting

Books by D. Raveendranathan

The great Himalayas are a range containing snow-capped peaks; however, these are melting at a rapid rate due to global warming and climate change. So far, this has already resulted in floods, landslides and other natural disasters.

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Western Ghats and the Bounteous Services Showered on the Planet

Books by D. Raveendranathan

Western Ghats and the Bounteous Services Showered on the Planet has a lot of information about several topics like the formation of the Western Ghats, details of UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Sahayadris, Nilgiris and Annamalai Hills, along with the list of highest peaks in the Western Ghats. It delineates the rivers, barrages, dams and hydroelectric projects. Western Ghats are one of the thirty four biodiversity hotspots of the world and the lif

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Green Inspirational Experiences in Forest Services

Books by D. Raveendranathan

Mr D Raveendranathan, IFS (Retd), was recruited as Forest Range Officer in the year 1970 by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission. Initially he served as Forest Range Officer in Government Rubber Plantations, Keeriparai; Plantation Ranges in Gandamanur and Kodaikanal. He was in charge of Srivilliputtur, Sankarankoil, Tirunelveli and Shencottai territorial Ranges. He was posted in the Social Forestry Ranges of Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi Districts. He was pr

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