Somya Bajaj

Somya is a recent Economics graduate from Christ University, obsessed with putting everything she sees around her into an economics perspective. An optimist and a believer of a Utopian world, she developed an early interest and passion for development. Pursuing her interest, after her experience of working with an NGO called Make a Difference for three years and starting a school for kids of construction workers in Bangalore, she is now working with a Delhi-based political and development consultancy. Excited by people’s experiences, she finds her way to the rarest of places ranging from the villages of Bengal to the forests of the Himalayas. Their Way, The Highway is inspired by the stories of the people on one such encounter. Read More...

Their Way, The Highway

Books by Somya Bajaj

Stories have an interesting way of influencing you. They provoke you into thinking on the lines you would not otherwise. The book tries to explore one such story that attempts to amplify the voices of the people from Singur, a village in West Bengal. The village has been an area of widespread conflict of industrial issues, vote bank politics and infrastructural influx leading to backwardness in various areas of their livelihood.

The land, which before 20

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