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Ahilya – Ek Safar

by Coontee

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Who was Rosaline?......a nymph!....found in an isolated island by Pierre Poivre…..or…..was she the one deeply versed in the art of love and black magic….the beloved of Bantu, son of a tribal chief in Madagascar…?


Ahilya….a woman devoted to her husband…or was she a whore in the garb of Rosaline….the spirit, a soul, a body through the passage of time…! Could the lust of Rosaline living in the body of Ahilya get satiated….?

Ahilya-Ek Safar” is the story of a thirsty spirit that begins in the backdrop of seventeenth century and travelling through time in-between, enters into new millennium….the endless journey continues in search of an unseen destination…..

Coontee Mukerji was born in the Parboteeah family of Brisee-Verdiere, a quiet village in the island of Mauritius. She received education up to secondary level in the shadow of French, Creole and Bhojpuri languages. This followed with her studying Hindi and developing deep interest in the rich literature of the language. Well trained in palmistry Coontee evinced keen interest in and adopted Astrology as her profession. Consequent upon her getting married she moved to India in 2001 and continued with her passion of penning poems, stories and novels in Hindi. Women and Nature are very close to her heart occupying most space in her thoughts. While she has one book of poems already published to her credit, “Ahilya – Ek Safar” is her first novel.


Ahilya – Ek Safar





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