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Chases and Cases

by Jerald Antony

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

This tale takes us prior to 14th century and tells us about the lifestyle of tribals who were victims of a heavy snowfall in the Albus Mountain. One man named John takes refuge in a cave in the Albus Mountain with his wife and children. Tragedy befalls them when his wife Jennifer breaks a statue in the cave causing her soul to be taken by cave. To get back her soul, John and his daughter Julia must go Africa. ­ They travel through wild jungles in Africa to reach the Maya tribals, where they meet many obstacles in their quest to get back Jennifer’s soul from the cave.

Does the father –daughter duo succeed in their ambition, or does their effort go in vain?

Jerald Antony, born on 21st March 1988, is a Mechanical engineering graduate with a craze for automobiles and a penchant for writing incredible stories. Despite choosing a tough engineering career, his mind and pen did not wish to stop compiling stories. Concepts used in his stories spell every bit of uniqueness. He has composed a few short films like 'Spook scary 2014', which were produced by Spikes studios, his brainchild Studio with which he directed a Tamil film "Status to Selfie". Mr. Jerald Antony has authored "Chases and Cases" which serves as prequel to "Fly to Fantasy." www.writerjeraldantony.com


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