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Duh, 1 Second Rule to becoming a super human! Become a super hero of your dreams

Author Name: Krishna Mohan Avancha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details
Duh! 1 Second rule speaks of those who are the extremists and have the insatiable hunger to succeed but fail to do so due to many external or other reasons. Duh! 1 second rule gives these people a second in advance to stay put and plan ahead of acting out. This 1 second rule will enable you to reach out and get that you want from your lives to win back the time from all those who laughed or mocked you. This 1 second is the massive edge that you will gain over all others who just live 24 hours of each day that is 86400 seconds whereas you get to live close to 86401 seconds. The one second extra every time you use the rule properly. Ready to dive into this mystery or this rule. Let’s get right in with the rule and then look at some superheroes who have mastered this rule and are at a very different level now. We will then be also looking at some of the necessary rules that we will need to follow to become a master at this. These rules are made to help us master this quickly and get our desired results at the earliest. These rules are also the same ones which are taught during the sessions which are there on Project Management or Agile Software development cycle. They are also a part of the Scrum training, the PMP training and also the Six Sigma training. These fundamentals have not changed and will continue to product superheroes even in the future.

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Krishna Mohan Avancha

AvanchaK is a serialpreneur, marketing & strategy expert, and an avid reader. He has been associated with some of the top-notch organizations and has proven himself consistently by enhancing their content and improvising their engagement strategies. His knack for picking and understanding the latest technologies and trend combined with his fluid reading ability makes him an undebated individual for details and ideas to implement open source technology. His articles are always packed with data and real-life examples. When he is not on the computer, he loves traveling and spending time with his family.