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PRACTICAL FINANCE with EXCEL Everyday finance operation and decision making with Excel

Author Name: Harrison Okyere Nyarko | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

This book teaches practical Excel skills for effective finance operations and decision making. It focuses on two groups of Excel functions - financial and mathematical – that can help simplify the life of finance professionals. In many cases, the average finance professional is unaware of the existence of these functions and ends up spending several hours performing tasks which could be completed in a few seconds. To achieve the objective of equipping readers with the necessary Excel skills, the functions have been re-grouped according to the work they are designed to perform.

Subgroups within the financial functions category include capital budgeting, borrowing decision-making, fixed-income investment, and depreciation. Make go or no-go decisions in capital budgeting, perform sensitivity analysis and risk modelling, build loan repayment schedules, evaluate project loans, price and sell your investments, prepare financial statements, etc.


The mathematical functions are grouped into three:

Rounding and number display functions will help you format big numbers and get your head around smaller ones;

Operation catalysts will quicken task delivery for you. On a normal day, you would go through two or three steps to get results, but with this subgroup of functions, you’ll get your result in a single step; and

Conditional arithmetic functions perform mathematical or statistical operations based on a given criteria; Excel does some logical and evaluative thinking for you.

You would follow through the lessons step-by-step with real-world examples, screenshots, and downloadable practice files.

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Harrison Okyere Nyarko

Harrison Okyere Nyarko has over fourteen years of experience working in financial controlling, planning and treasury responsibilities for companies within the manufacturing, oil/gas, and energy sectors, and in audit practice. Throughout his career, he has used Excel in operational and strategic contexts, including but not limited to financial reporting, financial planning, investment analysis/evaluation, raising capital and liquidity management. He previously led Excel training for corporate and government entities when he worked for SCG Consulting, Ghana (Public Accountants) as a senior consultant. He has also served in finance leadership positions for multinationals and regional organizations and on boards and committees of international accountancy and audit bodies. Harrison is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and a member of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), USA. He earned his MBA from the University of South Wales, UK.