Theory of Stability : Origin and Evolution of Life(Full colour)



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Summary of the Book

As the title of the book suggests the book is a complete description of the origins of life and its evolution from simple organic material to the apex intelligence we humans are. It's based on the “Theory of Stability” formed by me in early part of 2006. Later in 2009, I expanded on the theory and found to my surprise but pleasure as well that this theory can be used to explain almost everything in the environment around us including ourselves.

Because in its inception, I had used it to describe evolution in general so it was always in my mind to expand it further to write a book about the origins of life in particular and evolution in general. Once I made up my mind to use it to describe origins and evolution of life, I made it incumbent on myself to study and research existing ideas about evolution. At the end of it I was informed that we know little about the origin of life and there is room for improvement to explain the mechanism of evolution. Once this was determined I was determined to “Theory of Stability” to write this book.

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