Kaustav Bhattacharyya

Kaustav Bhattacharyya is the author of Love and Selfishness are Twins. This book is especially dedicated to those who have suffered failures in their love lives, but care for their loved ones always. He believes that love is like a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. If it is created, then it can be easily felt by the other side. He completed his matriculation from Holy Family School in Farakka and appeared for his PUC from the Aditya IIT Academy under Boon School. Right now, he is doing a Diploma course in Computer Science from MS Ramaiah, Bangalore. Kaustav writes quotes and short stories which are available on his website, www.kaustavstories.com. He is also founder and CEO of H&K FOUNDATION AND MEDIA WORLD. The purpose of H&K is to serve the nation with beautiful love stories because it is most needed in this world which is full of war and hatred. Writing is his hobby. He especially writes sad stories, not because he loves sadness, but just to depict true incidents in human life. He lives in Bangalore for educational and work purposes. His hometown is Kolkata. Kaustav believes in one thing: in our lives, we should act like a role of pencil and eraser. Why? As the pencil we can try our level best to write someone’s life, as if not, by becoming an eraser, we can erase all the sadness in someone’s life.

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